Creating Kingdom Communities

Signal SF is a support network of pastors and catalysts available to encourage potential and existing San Francisco Bay Area church planters by providing vital resources to guide planters and teams towards a successful San Francisco Bay Area church plant.

Church Planters Partnerships

We will partner with you to help you obtain anything  you will need to start a church in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Support & Encouragement

Coming along side church planters.  Speaking in lives to strengthen and support them and their families in their efforts.

Church Planter Training

SFPBA provides periodic training and coaching events along with keeping the church planter informed of other training available to them.


The ability to Download, Upload and Reload.

By having an open network with other church planters, you can have the ability to share with others that truly understand the issues, stress and pure joy that comes from being a church planter.


Have all the pastors in the network pray for your specific church planting, spiritual, and family needs.

Mission Team Assistance

We can help you in obtaining groups up to 20 missionaries to assist in various outreach events and efforts.

Strategic Planning

Demographics, logistics, time lines, challenges and trends.  Basically everything you need to start a a church we can help.

How to Partner and associate with Signal SF

Signal SF is the church planting ministry strategy of the SFPBA. We’re always looking for potential and current church planters to partner and associate with us.

 If you are a current or potential church planter and would like to partner with us, send us as email with a brief description of your work and vision to set up a meeting.